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Aftermath of Wisconsin tragedy: Indian media attempting to fabricate facts

August 10, 2012 | By

Ludhiana (August 10, 2012): Indian state system, now days, is pretending to be very worried about Sikhs, especially for those living in United States in the aftermath of Wisconsin tragedy. Media, as a part of state system, is also following those lines.

Three days back some unknown National Akali Dal burned flag of United States and brandished swords in front of US Embassy. Indian media have extensive coverage to this demonstration. Images were published in front pages of many newspapers.

Sikh diaspora as well as large of Sikhs in Punjab and India ridicule this demonstration but the news was almost ignored.

An analysis of certain sections of Indian media’s reporting about the Wisconsin tragedy shows that two points are specifically embedded: firstly, that Indian State and government is very worried about safety/security in United states; secondly, that the Sikhs, including Sikhs in United states are very angry against United States.

Photo published by IBN7 on August 09, 2012 – It is alleged that this is photo of protest carried by Sikhs in US against Wisconsin Gurudwara Shootout

Photo Published by Sikh Siyasat in April 2012 – Sikhs protest against Kamal Nath in United States

As regards second point Indian media lacks any factual report if we leave apart the alleged demonstration by so-called National Akali Dal in Delhi. In United States Sikhs are getting support from all sections of American society. Even as a symbol of national mourning the flag of United States is lowered to half hight till August 10. Sikhs are holding candle light vigils to remember the victims and every vigil eventually turns to be inter-faith vigil as people from all faiths are participating. Sikhs in United States are generally satisfied with the quick and effective response by American system including Government, police, society and media after Wisconsin tragedy.

So, in this situation Indian media has started framing imaginary demonstration against US by Sikhs living in United States. Fabrication and distortion of facts seems to have become a pet style for Indian media. published a news report on August 9, 2012 with title: “US Gurudwara shooting: Punjab CM Parkash Singh Badal meets injured, appeals for peace”. Along with this news report a photo of alleged demonstration by Sikhs is also published. The photo caption, that appears on Photo when you put cursor on image reads that: “Sikhs in US carry out protest against shooting incident at gurudwra in Wisconsin”.

It is worth noting that no such protest has taken place. Even the image itself shows that the protest was not against US or against shooting incident rather this is image was taken during a protest held against India for denying justice to victims of November 1984. This protest had taken place in April 2010 when Indian minister Kamal Nath, an accused of Sikh Genocide 1984, was visiting Untied States.

Sikh Siyasat had published a detailed news report on this protest and the alleged photo protest against Wisconsin incident (according to IBN’s claim) was also published by Sikh Siyasat on April 09, 2012. Title of news published by Sikh Siyasat was: “1984 Massacre: Sikhs protest against Indian Minister Kamal Nath in US“.

Even the photo itself speaks about the purpose of demonstration as the in this photo protesters could be clearly seen as holding pla-cards with text: “Charge the guilty – November 1984 Sikh genocide”; “Police Common[…] committed massacre of Sikhs – November 1984 Sikh Genocide”; “Justice delayed is justice denied – November 1984 Sikh Genocide”; “Join for justice – November 1984 Sikh genocide” and “Punish the guilty – November 1984 Sikh genocide”.

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