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Statement of Indian Army Chief About Insurgency in Punjab and Double Standards of the State System [Letter to the Editor]

Over the years we have always seen the double standards of justice system in India. The ruling Governments, security agencies, police etc. are very quick to charge, arrest and punish the persons belonging to minorities, even kill them and their family members in fake encounters but strangely the same Governments, security agencies, police etc. act dumb and blind when it comes to punish the guilty Hindutava forces.

India Should Stop Its Double Standards Towards Its Minorities [ Letter To Editor]

Over the years many times we have seen Double standards of Justice system in India. The Indian constitution in big letters say fair and equal justice to all citizens.

Forgive & Forget – Why the Sikhs remember the 1984? [Letter to the Editor]

Forgive yes, if one sincerely seeks pardon after first acknowledging the blunder, mistake or crime that was done. Forget No, Never. Why?

Diaspora Activism: Sikh Nation Blood Donation Drive in Canada in the memory of Sikh Genocide 1984

Soon we are approaching the days when 33 years ago ruling Congress government led by Rajeev Gandhi committed 1984 Sikh Genocide killing thousands of innocent Sikhs, raping hundreds of women, burning houses and businesses of the Sikh community.

Jagmeet Singh, The Hottest Phenomena In Canadian Politics Today [Letter To Editor]

Jagmeet Singh, a name currently circulating in Canadian politics that needs no introduction but all the mention, yes a mention because this name single handedly

UK Election Results and Achievements of UK Sikh Diaspora [Letter to the Editor]

As elections result came in UK- it was our achievement that we put our support to the Labour Party - Parminder Singh Bal (UK).

Clarify On Question of Nationalism and the Sikh Raj [Letter to the Editor]

I listened to the recent talk you posted on the Sikh Siyasat website with Bhai Ajmer Singh ji and a few questions came to my mind.

Before Talks with Modi, Need to Know the Structures of Indian domination over Sikhs

Dr. Jasdev Rai’s letter about his talks with the Narendra Modi led Indian Government was published under ‘Letters to the Editor’ few days back. Dr. Jasvir Singh has responded to views expressed by Dr. Rai in that letter: Editor.

Talks with Modi, A structured progress (Dr. Jasdev Singh Rai)

It is yet too soon to know how the process of dialogue with the Modi Government will proceed. However there is considerable apprehension among some Sikh groups who have been struggling for Sikh self determination since 1984. It is only right to address concerns and explain what these talks are all about.

Modi Dossier Issue: Sikh community must dig the truth behind propaganda [Letter to the Editor]

Now we learned about the truth of “the so-called dossier of Indian Prime Minster Narinder Modi” that there was never any dossier about Sikhs abroad and in the UK.

Why is Badal Govt. acting dumb and blind on Gurmeet Pinky issue?

Why is Badal government acting “dumb and blind" on such serious issue of innocent killings in Punjab? Have the Badals forgotten that before elections and coming into power they had promised to punish the guilty police officers involved in innocent killings?

Why Badal Govt. not taking any action on fake encounters issue? [Letter to the Editor]

These days cat/police officer Gurmeet Singh Pinky is in news. He has openly confessed to had hand in killings of 50 persons in 80/90's in the name of counter-militancy operations.

SGPC move for Chief Secretary at Rs 3 lac per month plus perks raises suspicion

The secrecy and speed with which SGPC is pursuing the appointment of the “Chief Secretary”, a non-existent post in SGPC Act, is matter of grave concern.

[Open Letter] Indian PM’s visit to Canada & issue of innocent killings & Human Rights violations in India

Over the years, The Sikh community in Canada has been approaching the Canadian Govt. and PM Stephen Harper about thousands of innocent Sikhs killed in India in [June 1984] army attack on [Harmandar Sahib].

Rise of AAP ” is a ray of hope for saving Sikhi? I disagree [Letter to the Editor]

I believe even though the AAP has a number of good things and intentions but at its very core AAP is a nationalistic Indian party which believes in one Indian nation and betterment of “INDIAN” people within the constructs and confines on Indian Constitution. Its nationalistic nature becomes quite evident when Kejriwal starts his victory speech with the slogan of “Bharat mata ki jai” and “Vande Matram”.

An honour to speak at World Religion Day once again as the youngest speaker

A couple weeks ago, I had one of the greatest opportunities ever: to speak about my own religion at the World Religion Day event in Milton, Ontario.

A Sikh activist’s reaction to Kuldip Nayar’s article asking the Sikhs to simply forget the terrible injustices

While I was reading my daily news, I came across Kuldeep Nayar's article on a number of English medium websites. One example is copied below (from a newspaper called the Statesman). This article is not really about the blacklist - it goes much wider than that. In his article Nayar is basically asking the Sikhs to simply forget the terrible injustices of the past as a way to restore harmony in Punjab. He does not seem to understand that reconciliation can only happen when injustices are removed and when the guilty are punished.

Sikh Correctional Officer Adopts Sikh Articles of Faith, Obtains Religious Accommodation

CO Hundal has been employed by the Yolo County Sheriff's Office as a correctional officer for approximately 16 years. The department’s strict uniform and grooming guidelines prohibited him from keeping his hair and beard unshorn and wearing a turban at work. For 16 years, CO Hundal did not believe he could practice his religion while building his career.

A reader’s comments about ban on Punjabi Movie Kaum De Heere

Recently the Govt. of India banned Punjabi movie Kaum De Heere. It was a big news in Indian newspapers. I'll like to share some of the comments I wrote on Times of India website and some of my counter comments in reply to some of the other people making comments. I hope you'll find them interesting.

The Oak Creek Sangat and the Practice of Chardikala

It has been two years since we lost members of our sangat – Satwant Singh Kaleka (65), Paramjit Kaur (41), Sita Singh (41), Ranjit Singh (49), Prakash Singh (39), and Suveg Singh Khattra (84) – in the deadliest attack on a religious place of worship in American history.

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