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Sikhs across the globe condemn Badal Govt’s action of desecrating Dastar (Sikh Turban)

March 30, 2011 | By

  • SJF to campaign to declare Punjab Police as ‘Terrorist Organization”
  • You Tube video sparked wave of criticism of Punjab Government across the Globe
  • Increasing incident of Human Rights abuse – a major cause of concern: Sikh Federation Australia
  • AISSF demands resignation of Punjab CM
  • Culprits should be brought charged as per law: SFHR

Ludhiana, PUNJAB (March 30, 2011): In a disturbing incident in Mohali, a young Sikh man’s turban was forcibly removed in broad day light by a police officer on the orders of another senior officer of Punjab Police. The incident proves that SAD (Badal) have not only failed to protect the dignity of Sikh articles of faith but they are also engaged in intentional desecration of Sikh turban.

The incident took place on March 28, 2011 when pharmacists from Punjab exercising their fundamental right gathered in Mohali for a peaceful sit-in to high light their demands. Punjab police on the orders of Badal Government first cane charged the gathering in which women were beaten mercilessly by Punjab Police. Not satisfied after beating the women, senior officers of Punjab Police then ordered the police to forcibly remove turbans of Sikhs who were present in the gathering. A footage with audio and video clearly showing a Sikh police officer order another police officer to forcibly remove a Sikh’s turban has emerged.

According to human rights lawyer and legal advisor to SJF Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, forcibly removing the turban of a Sikh is the worst form of religious persecution and violation of Sikh human rights, especially when it takes place in Punjab, the homeland of Sikhs under the government headed by a Sikh.

Concerned with the growing slogans of revenge for Mohali incident vocalized on the web, SFJ coordination committee appealed to the Sikh community not to take law into their hands and instead support SFJ and AISSF in perusing legal course of action over the Mohali incident.

SFJ will approach the governments of United States, Canada and European Union to declare Punjab Police as a “terrorist organization” for the recent incidents of torture in custody, extra judicial killings and blatant desecration of Sikh articles of faith in Mohali, all of which establish a practice and policy of Punjab Police of violating Sikh human rights.

Many other Sikh organizations including the Khalsa Action Committee, SAD (Panch Pardhani), Dal Khalsa, Sikh Students Federation, Ek Noor Khalsa Fauj, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Satikar Sabha, All India Sikh Students Federation (Peer Mohammad) Sikh Federation Australia and Sikhs for Human Rights have also strongly condemned the incident and severely criticized the Punjab Police and Punjab Government.

Talking to SikhSiyasat Network, SAD (Panch Pardhani) leaders Bhai Harpal Singh cheema, Daya Singh Kakkar and Baldev Singh Sirsa blamed the Badal Government for protecting culprits police officers who insult and torture Sikhs.

“Sikhs should understand that Badal Dal’s policy of granting immunity and free hand to the culprit police officers is no less harmful than the policy of Congress, often termed as anti-Sikh party by SAD (Badal) leaders, which protects the genocidaries who were involved in killing Sikhs in 1984.” said Bhai Harpal Singh Cheema.

“This video shows the criminal intentions of the police as the turban was deliberately remove just to insult the Sikhs and hurt their feelings. said Advocate Jaspal Singh Manjhpur of Sikhs for Human Rights. “Persons responsible should be proceeded against as per law for blasphemy and use of criminal force” he added.

According to Karnail Singh Peermohammad, President AISSF, Mohali incident proves that SAD (Badal) have not only failed to protect the dignity of Sikh articles of faith but they are also engaged in intentional desecration of Sikh turban.

“Sikhs are forced to remove their turban in police custody throughout India, including Punjab. There is not law validating such actions and this extra-legal practise encourages notorious elements to repeat Mohali like incidents” said SSF president Parmjeet Singh Gazi.

Harkirat Singh and Jaspreet Singh of Sikh Federation Australia condemned the incident and raised their concern regarding increasing incidents of torture, custodial killings and other forms of Human rights abuse in Punjab. They also criticized the Indian media for shielding the truth by not reporting these incidents.

He further informed that despite direction of Punjab and Haryana High Court the Sikhs detainees are not provided with half meter long cloth to cover their head while in police custody. He appealed to the Human Rights organizations to voice against this extra-legal practise of compelling Sikhs to remove their turban in police custody.

A special talk show was aired by Punjabi Radio USA to discuss the gruesome Mohali incident. Former SGPC member Tirlochan Singh Dupalpur and SSF President Parmjeet Singh Gazi discussed various aspects of this incident and called upon the Sikhs living across the globe to protest against these misdeeds of Punjab police. Various callers also expressed their concern regarding deteriorated situations of civil liberties in India and Punjab.

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