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Baljinder Singh Kotbhara

Kaurnama – Legacy of Shaheed Sikh Women: Bhai Daljit Singh’s Speech

Experience Bhai Daljit Singh's speech at the Shaheedi Samagam in Panjwar village, where the book "Kaurnama" was released on May 6, 2024. In this video, Bhai Daljit Singh shares inspiring stories of Shaheed Sikh women, highlighting their bravery and sacrifices.

“Kaurnama: The Untold Story of Shaheed Sikh Women” Released at London Freedom Rally

Thousands of Sikhs from across the United Kingdom convened in London on June 16 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Teeja Ghallughara, the June 1984 attack on Darbar Sahib (Amritsar) and other Sikh Gurdwaras.

Kaurnama Book Released in Paris (France); First Edition Sold Out

"Kaurnama: Kharkoo Sangharsh Dian Shaheed Bibian Dee Gatha" was unveiled during a Shaheedi Samagam at Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Bambini, on May 19th. 

New Book “Kaurnama” Receives Global Acclaim

The recently unveiled book “Kaurnama: Kharkoo Sangharsh Dian Shaheed Bibian Dee Gatha” has been met with resounding acclaim worldwide.

New Book “Rajghat Te Hamla” to be Released at Gurmat Samagam Commemorating Teeja Ghallughara 

A new book titled “Rajghat Te Hamla” is set to be unveiled during a significant Gurmat Samagam at Village Kotbhara in the upcoming days.

Book “Kaurnama” Unveiled in Windsor Shaheedi Samagam

In commemoration of valor and sacrifice, the Windsor Sikh community gathered at Gurdwara Sahib yesterday to unveil the much-anticipated book "Kaurnama: Kharkoo Sangharsh Dian Shaheed Bibian Dee Gatha." This historic event unfolded during a Shaheedi Samagam, dedicated to the memory of Shaheed Bhai Paramjit Singh Panjwar, on 12 May.

‘Kaurnama’: New Book Telling the Story of Shaheed Sikh Women Unveiled at Village Panjwar

In a tribute to the courage and sacrifice of Sikh women during the Sikh freedom movement of the 1980s and 1990s, a groundbreaking book titled "Kaurnama: Kharkoo Sangharsh Dian Shaheed Bibian Dee Gatha" was unveiled yesterday during a solemn Shaheedi Samgam at Village Panjwar.