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EcoSikh Appeals Sikhs to Celebrate March 14 as World Sikh Environment Day

EcoSikh, a Washington based Sikh organization, has appealed to Sikhs and the people around the world to celebrate the World Sikh Environment Day on March 14, 2018 marking a tribute to Guru Har Rai Ji.

Organic Langar Marks Religious Fervour on Vaisakhi at Amritsar: EcoSikh

EcoSikh and Akhand Kirtani Jatha (aka AKJ), two international organisations joined hands to serve Organic Langar during the ongoing Vaisakhi celebrations in various Gurdwaras at Amritsar from April 10th to 13th, 2016.

US based NGO promotes `Natural Farming’ in Punjab

In a bid to promote organic farming as 'Nanak Kheti,' NGO EcoSikh, in collaboration with the Living Successfully Foundation, organized a workshop at Lalchian village near Guru Harsahai town of Ferozepur on Saturday (April 2).

EcoSikh joins to advance UN’s Goals to end extreme poverty

EcoSikh joined a gathering of faith leaders, the World Bank, UN officials and religious organizations from around the world in New York to find ways to realize the UN's declared sustainable development goals and the end of extreme poverty.

Sikhs in Washington Give Roaring Support to EcoSikh’s Environmental Agenda in Punjab

“You can have growth with less.” So begins Dr. Mohanbir Sawhney’s thoughts on environmental preservation in a constantly spending and extracting world economy at the annual EcoSikh Benefit Dinner in Washington, DC.

Green Initiatives in Pakistan for Guru Nanak’s 550th Gurpurb Celebrations in 2019

The Pakistan Government officials have reportedly endorsed a plan to explore green projects at Kartarpur and Nankana Sahib, the most sacred Sikh shrines in Pakistan. This will be part of the celebration of 550th Parkash Gurpurb of Guru Nanak, Founder of Sikhism, in 2019 as suggested by EcoSikh, a Washington based Sikh organization. Guru Nanak was born in Nankana Sahib and he lived in Kartarpur during his last 17 years.

EcoSikh USA Donates Bus for Amritsar Cleanliness Drive

Amritsar, Punjab: EcoSikh, a Washington based organization, has launched a bus in Amritsar to help a volunteer group to clean the holy city. EcoSikh has ...

EcoSikh Joins World Bank in Working to End Extreme Poverty

EcoSikh board member Suneet Singh Tuli and EcoSikh program manager Sumeet Kaur last week joined a roundtable discussion for faith-based organizations, hosted by Dr. Jim Yong Kim, President of the World Bank.

US based EcoSikh appeals for US-India Climate deal during Barack Obama’s Visit

EcoSikh, a Washington based group, is appealing to President Obama to reach a deal on climate with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which would set goals for reducing carbon emissions by a certain percentage over time.

EcoSikh Expresses Concern about Severe Ground Water Depletion in Punjab and California

Washington, DC: EcoSikh, a Washington based organization, has raised concern over the severe groundwater depletion of Punjab and other parts of Northern India. This week, 60 Minutes, a renowned news program from CBS News, showed the recent findings through satellite and newly developed devices which track the amount of groundwater. Punjab and rest of the India has lost groundwater at a alarming rate and it is facing a impending disaster.

Sikhs give a call for Multi-faith joint strategy on Climate Change

West Hartford, Connecticut: EcoSikh President Dr. Rajwant Singh exhorted the multi-faith audience of over 200 activists from all over the East Coast of United States to form a joint strategy on climate change. He gave the keynote address at the second Climate Stewardship Summit this month, an interreligious event hosted by the Interreligious Eco-Justice Network (IREJN). Hundreds of people from the East Coast attended the event, which was a call to action and networking opportunity for faith-based climate activists.

EcoSikh Issues First Sikh Statement on Climate Change

Washington, DC: The Washington-based environmental organization, EcoSikh has released a statement on climate change from the Sikh perspective, the first of its kind from a Sikh organization. The statement outlines new actions Sikhs can take to strengthen their connection to the Sikh faith through environmentalism, and expand their political voice within their communities. This statement comes days before EcoSikh and various heads of state from all over the world will convene in New York City for the 2014 U.N. Climate Summit, on September 23.

Washington Sikhs support Green Action for Punjab and Earth’s Ecological Future

Washington, DC: A press release by EcoSikh says over 300 Sikhs joined to support the Sikh environmental action around the world led by the US based NGO in a gala which marked the 5 year anniversary of the organization.

Green Park inaugurated at Historical Gurdwara Nabha Sahib

Zirakpur/ Chandigarh (August 16, 2014): Giani Mull Singh, Jathedar of Takhat Sri Kesgarh Sahib inaugurated a green park at historical Gurdwara Nabha Sahib today at Zirakpur. A tree was planted after the curtain raiser by Giani Mull Singh after the ardas in the Gurdwara hall.

Historical Gurdwara Nabha Sahib to Record its First Ever Green Patch

Chandigarh (August 14, 2014): According to press release by EcoSikh, under the aegis of Sri Ganga Nursery of Zirakpur the historical Gurdwara Nabha Sahib is all set to inaugurate its first ever green patch on 16th August, 2014 at 10AM.

350th Anniversary of Anandpur Sahib – Celebrations to begin from June 19

It is learnt that the year-long celebrations of the 350th anniversary of Anandpur Sahib city are set to begin on June 19. An Akhand Paath was started on June 17 at Takht Sri Kesgarh Sahib.

EcoSikh appeals to make Anandpur Sahib Green and Sustainable City

Washington, United States (June 10, 2014): Washington based EcoSikh has appealed to the Punjab Government and SGPC to work towards making the holy city of Anandpur Sahib eco-friendly and sustainable as the preparations are underway to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the city beginning on June 19th. Ninth Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Tegh Bahadur, purchased the land in 1665 and established this city which is now visited by thousands of devotees from all over the world every day. The city is housing Takhat Keshgarh Sahib, a seat of authority in Sikhism in addition to many other sites related to the 9th and 10th Guru of the Sikhs. Dr. Rajwant Singh, President of EcoSikh in Washington, said, “Anandpur Sahib should be declared a green city and further development of this sacred city should be based on sustainable planning. Anandpur Sahib should be preserved as our natural heritage and its original and tranquil atmosphere should be protected for the coming generations. Construction around the sacred sites including Takhat Sahib should be restricted and it should be regulated. Too many buildings and sarais are making it a concrete jungle rather than the serene natural environment. Rain water harvesting, waste water management, garbage disposal and sanitation, solar based energy production, and pollution free public transportation should the become the priority. Ranjodh Singh, Punjab Convener of EcoSikh, said, “Punjab Government should declare Anandpur Sahib plastic free and this declaration should happen before June 19th. All governmental agencies should enforce this law just as it is regulated in Chandigarh and neighboring state of Himachal Pradesh. Why can we not have similar initiatives in Punjab? Chemicals leaching out of these petroleum based products like Styrofoam is detrimental to the ecosystem of this sacred location." He further added, “In addition, we would like to appeal to all deras to serve langar in biodegradable products such as pattal, paper or kasore (earthen pots) and not use plastic. They should also clean the area after the langar, just as enthusiastically as they serve the langar. We also appeal Takhat Sri Kesgarh authorities to create plans in cleaning and preserving nature of sacred Anandpur Sahib, for generations to come.” Dr. Rajwant Singh stated that “Gurdwara Patalpuri has hundreds of acres of land under cultivation. This land can easily be converted for herbal production through organic methods. Turmeric, Aloe Vera, Amla are top commercial crops these days. A few acres (less than 10) of land for Turmeric can serve nearly all the Anandpur Sahib Gurdwaras and its langar needs. A very low cost food processing unit can be established. There is popular trend all over the world on herbal and alternate medicine and this area of economic development should be explored." EcoSikh is working with national and international organizations to bring technology and planning to make Nanded housing Takhat Hazur Sahib, a eco-friendly and sustainable city. On June 27th, EcoSikh, through its Eco-Amritsar programme, is celebrating the 437th Amritsar Foundation Day in collaboration with many religious and civic organizations in Amritsar to create awareness about long term ecology of the holy city.

Sikh Enviornment Day celebrations by EcoSikh sees massive participation

Ludhiana, Punjab (March 26, 2014): Thousands of Sikhs all across the world took concrete green actions by celebrating the Sikh Environment Day on March 14. Over 2000 Sikh Gurdwaras, Schools and organisations marked this day when Guru Har Rai, known for his deep love and sensitivity towardsnature and its preservation, became the seventh Sikh Guru in 1644.

EcoSikh set to celebrate biggest ever ‘Sikh Environment Day’, Punjab to be focus

Amritsar, Punjab (February 01, 2014): EcoSikh, a US-based International Ecology organisation, which has been instrumental in creating awareness among Sikh communities about traditional teachings on nature preservation, and to show people how they can take positive action to safeguard nature, held a media meet to unveil plans for celebrating March 14, as ‘Sikh Environment Day’.

EcoSikh and Chief Khalsa Diwan join hands for keeping harmony with nature, city cleanliness and greenification

Amritsar, Punjab (January 03, 2014): Chief Khalsa Diwan and EcoAmritsar has reportedly signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on January 02, 2013 at an event held at the head office of Chief Khalsa Diwan in Amritsar.

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