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Panthic Concerns | Part-2| Dr Sewak Singh

Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle held its training session in Kotkapura in 30 December 2023. Dr Sewak Singh was invited by the organisers to discuss the Sikh way of organising. This speech was delivered by Dr Sewak Singh on December 30, 2023.

New Education Policy 2023 – Complete Analysis in Punjabi | Dr Sikander Singh

A seminar on New education policy and its impact on dialects was conducted by Sath on 8th December 2023 at Sunny Oberoi Auditorium, Punjabi University, Patiala. Dr. Joga Singh (Linguist), Dr. Sikander Singh (Professor, Sri Guru Granth Sahib World University) in the seminar, Lakha Sidhana (activist) shared his ideas with the researchers.

Every Sikh Should Read “ਅਦਬਨਾਮਾ” Check Out Why?

In the past, it has been felt that we talk more about incidents of Beadbi. Respect is Rarely talked about. It should have been that the discussion about Disrespect should also be by Keeping Guru Sahib's "Adab" in the center, why the disrespect was disturbed and how can it be ensured to keep the Adab Primary for the future.

Bhai Mandheer Singh Speech At Tharua: Remembering Bhai Surinderpal Singh

Sikh Sangat and Panth Sewaks held a Gurmat Samagam at Gurdwara Sahib, village Tharua (Near Khanauri) on October 1, 2023 to mark the memory of Panth Sewak Bhai Surinderpal Singh.

Retrospection of Zira Sanjha Morcha

Online discussion forum Samvad hosted a special talk to review the latest success of people of Punjab in Zira Sanjha Morcha. Punjab Govt lead by Bhagwant Mann announced for the closure of the distillery, which was polluting ground waters.

Narrative Behind Veer Bal Diwas. Special Discussion

Samvad, a discussion forum, held a discussion regarding Veer Bal Diwas, commemorated by Delhi Darbar. At many places, schools personified the Sahibzadas, which are against Sikh values.

How Sangat Convinced Organisers to Stop Films at Sabha. Special Talk.

Samvad, a discussion forum, held a twitter space to discuss the effects of screen time and films at children, as few sikhs advocating the use of films for propagation of Religion. At Fatehgarh Sahib, it has been reported that Sikh Sangat positively responded towards Sikh tradition and convinced the organisers to stop the films which were running at few places.

What Is Objectionable In ‘Veer Bal Diwas’, a Name Given By Dilli Darbar.

Samvad, a discussion forum, held a Twitter space to discuss the intentions of Dilli Darbar behind the nomination of Shahidi diwas of Sahibzada Baba Zorabar Singh and Baba Fateh Singh as ‘Veer Bal Diwas’.

How Will Allahabad HC Verdict in Pilibhit Case Affect The Other Fake Encounters Cases? Special Talk.

A discussion forum, Samvad organised a twitter space to talk about the latest verdict of Allahabad High Court in Pilibhit fake encounter case and how will it going to affect almost every single case which is opened against police officials.

Revival of the Khalsa Raj : Prof Kanwaljeet Singh

This is speech of Prof Kanwaljeet Singh during a Shatabdi Samagam on 100 years of foundation of Babbar Akali Movement. This samagam was organized by Panth Sewak Jatha Doaba at Gurdwara Charan Kanwal Sahib, Patshahi Chhevin, Banga on 26 November 2022.

An Analysis: Narrative and Pattern of Sikh Genocide 1984

Samvad organised a online discussion to discuss the narratives and pattern behind Sikh Genocide in 1984 after the killing of Indian Prime Minister. Speakers narrated their own stories about how proactive action of sikhs prevented massacres at many places. Worth listening.

Why should Sikhs Choose Gurmta Based Selection System for Gurduara Management Over Vote based Election System.

With Guruduara act and vote system, british played a trick to interference into Gurdwara management and cornered the Panthak personalities. As a result, panth faced further difficulties in upcoming years. Samvad, a discussion forum hosted a twitter space to discuss such effects of vote based election system.

What could be the alternatives of working of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib from Panthak viewpoint.

Sikh Siyasat is releasing a recorded discussion on to free the Sri Akal Takhat sahib from the influence of vote politics. Sri Akal Takhat Sahib is meant to represent the Sikhs in the world, Such influence is affecting decision and working. Listen to a discussion to know the strategy required to free the Takhat Sahib.

After Armed Struggle, What Were The Key Issues of Panthak Morchas & How Was Pressure Built on Govt? An Analysis

discussion forum, Samwad organized a discussion on Twitter to discuss the outlines & achievements of Panthak Morchas happening over the decade and future of such struggle.

How Personification of Guru Sahibans Is Against Sikh Tenets? How Could it Be Worse if Not Opposed ?

Over a issue of personification and portrayal of Guru Sahiban, Guru parivaar, Sikh Saheeds in movie ‘Dastan-e-Sirhind’, Samvad organized a discussion at Twitter space. It is learnt that personification in any manner should be immediately banned and Sikhs all over the world expressed their views to oppose such attempts under the influence of Biper Sanskar and western thought.

Vivadi Bande (ਵਿਵਾਦੀ ਬੰਦੇ) | Audio Article | A Must Listen audio version of an Article by Dr Sewak Singh

An article titled Vivadi Bande was penned by Dr. Sewak Singh for UK based online media platform Naujawani.Com. The write-up was shared by Sikh Siyasat News also. On the demand of our readers/listeners we have prepared audio version of this article.