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Sikh Sangat Outraged As Filmmakers Try to Release Controversial Dastan-E-Sirhind

Sikh sangat has expressed outrage as the makers of controversial movie "Dastan-E-Sirhind" are trying to release it despite Sikh sangat opposing it. The Shiromani Gurdwara Prabhandak Committee (SGPC) has also refused to grant clearance to the controversial film as it personifies Sahibzadas.

How Personification of Guru Sahibans Is Against Sikh Tenets? How Could it Be Worse if Not Opposed ?

Over a issue of personification and portrayal of Guru Sahiban, Guru parivaar, Sikh Saheeds in movie ‘Dastan-e-Sirhind’, Samvad organized a discussion at Twitter space. It is learnt that personification in any manner should be immediately banned and Sikhs all over the world expressed their views to oppose such attempts under the influence of Biper Sanskar and western thought.

Sikhs Hit Streets To #StopDastanESirhind Movie; SGPC & Giani Harpreet Singh Go Mum

Sikh sangat is holding demonstrations across Punjab to stop Dastan E Sirhind controversial movie which violates established Sikh tenets forbidding personification of Sikh Guru Sahibs’ Mata Ji and Sahibzadas. Many Sikh organisations, Jathas, Gurdwara Management bodies and institutions have passed resolutions demanding that the film should be stopped.