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Anand Marriage Act

Sikhs in West Punjab (Pakistan) Get Personal Law- The Punjab Sikhs Anand Karaj Marriages Act 2018

While the demand of Sikh personal law remains not fulfilled by the Indian state, the Sikhs in western parts of Punjab (in Pakistan) got personal law in form of The Punjab Sikhs Anand Karaj Marriages Act 2018.

Debate on Anand Marriage Act, Sikh Personal Law & Sikh Identity [Qaumi Masle Ep. 1]

This is video recording of talk show on "Anand Marriage Act, Sikh Personal Law & Sikh Identity" hosted by Sikh Siyasat.

Delhi To Implement Long Awaited Anand Marriage Act Soon

The long pending demand of the Sikhs to implement Anand Marriage Act will soon be over as the city will soon go ahead with implementation of the act in a week's time.

Punjab Govt. plans to table Sikh Marriages registration bill in Vidhan Sabha

As per media reports the Punjab government has lined up about 14 bills that are set to be presented during the Vidhan Sabha session beginning on Thursday.

The Sikh Marriage Bill 2015 | blog by Gurtej Singh (IAS)

The story of the Sikh Marriage Bill, which crossed the decisive milestone today, began in 2007 at about this time. President Parvez Musharraf of Pakistan had called the elections.

SGPC to seek registration of Sikh marriages under Anand Marriage Act 1909

Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee president Avatar Singh Makkar said that the SGPC will seek implementation of provisions providing for registration of Sikh marriage under the Anand Marriage Act.

States including Punjab and Delhi, failed to facilitate registeration of Sikh marriages under Anand Marriage Act, reveals RTI

Information gathered by Advocate Navkiran Singh, a senior lawyer of Punjab and Haryana High Court, reveals that the Punjab government has not implemented the provision for registration of Sikh marriages under the Anand Marriage Act, 1909.

Haryana notifies registration of Sikh marriages under the Anand Marriage Act

Chandigarh/ Haryana (May 08, 2014): As per information the Sikh couples in Haryana will now be able to get their marriages registered under the the Anand Marriage Act 1909 instead of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 as the Haryana government on yesterday (on May 07) said it has notified the Anand Marriage Registration Act, 2014 for the registration of marriages of Sikh couples under the Act in the state.

Truth about amendment to Anand Marriage Act – Achievement for Sikhs or fraud with Sikhs

Since Baisakhi Day i.e. April 13, 2012, the newspapers headlines have triggered a major debate on the Anand Marriage Act. There had been a rigorous issuance of statements from all around on the subject but most of the utterances are without the proper knowledge of the law relating the crucial subject. It seems that majority of the statements are laced in political colour. As there is a saying `little knowledge is dangerous thing’, similarly without the proper knowledge of the law, big statements have been issued that 'with implementation of Anand Marriage Act', `Sikhs has won a major victory’.

Recent amendment to Anand Marriage Act – achievement for the Sikhs or fraud with the Sikhs?

Ludhiana, Punjab (May 28, 2012): Whereas, many circles of Sikh diaspora and Badal Dal leaders are busy in hailing the "success" in getting Anand Marriage Act, 1909 amended in the Indian Parliament, Sikh academicians and scholars have taken strong exception to the generalized view in this matter and have termed the recent amendment as a “fraud” with the Sikhs.

India – Amendment of Anand Marriage Act passed – Too little & too late

New Delhi, India (May 22, 2012): Indian Parliament's lower house, Lok Sabha, today passed the Anand Marriage Amendment Bill, 2012. The bill was passed by Rajya Sabha yesterday. This bill was aimed at inserting a provision for registration of Sikh marriages under Anand Marriage Act, 1909.

Indian Parliament’s Rajya Sabha clears registration clause for Anand Marraige Act, 1909; Bill expected to be introduced in Lok Sabha today

New Delhi, India (May 21, 2012): Indian Parliament's upper house, called Rajya Sabha, passed the bill aimed at amending Anand Marriage Act, 1909 in order to insert a registration clause in the Act. The bill is expected to be introduced to lower house, called Lok Sabha, today.

Draft of “the Sikh Marraige Act, 2012” prepared by Sirdar Gurtej Singh

Ludhiana, Punjab (May 18, 2012): A draft of Sikh Marriage Act was sent to various Members of Indian Parliament by Sirdar Gurtej Singh. The text of draft is available on his blog. This draft is reproduced in verbatim as follows, for the knowledge of readers/visitors of Sikh Siyasat.

Indian cabinet clears proposal to introduce ammendment bill just to provide for registration of Sikh marraiges u/1909 Act

New Delhi, India (April 12, 2012): According to a press release issued on the website of Press Information Bureau, Government of India (PIB-GOI) the Cabinet of Government of India has cleared a proposal to introduce an amendment bill in Parliament to amend the Anand marriage Act, 1909.

Rejection of Anand Marriage Act: The constitutional discrimination against Sikhs continues

Amritsar (August 30, 2011): Dal Khalsa slams the Union government for rejecting the proposal to implement the provisions of Anand Marriage Act, lying defunct since the India adopted the present Constitution in 1950.