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Sikh thinker & author S. Ajmer Singh on Wisconsin Gurudwara Tragedy

August 10, 2012 | By

Ludhiana/New York (August 08, 2012): S. Ajmer Singh, a renowned Sikh thinker and author, is currently in United States of America (USA). Sikh Siyasat talked to him to know his views about Wisconsin Gurudwara terror strike that claimed life of Six Sikhs, excluding the killer who was also shot dead by the police during the incident.

S. Ajmer Singh told Sikh Siyasat that this incident has shook the Sikh nation worldwide. He said the impact of this tragedy is also visible on American society as people are expressing guilty feeling for the Sikhs after this incident.

“Response from the Sikhs is very mature response. Thought the Sikhs are deeply hurt but they are acting in a mature way and there is no expression of any violent outrage” S. Ajmer Singh told Sikh Siyasat.

He said US media and US government has taken this incident very seriously and media is continually covering the incident. People have come forward to express condolence with the Sikhs.

“Though the Sikhs have paid a huge price, but this is for first time in the recent history that in this country there is an extensive debate about Sikh religion. American society and media is educating itself and others about Sikh religion and it’s distinctiveness from others, especially Muslims and Hindus”, he added. He told Sikh Siyasat that “Na ko Hindu, na Musalman” was widely referred in media to highlight distinctiveness of Sikh identity.

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